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Creating better world
through co-creation共創を通じて社会を豊かに


Fostering and supporting
creative entrepreneursクリエイティブ起業家の育成・支援

Nurturing entrepreneurs
who pioneer uncharted territory
through management and creativity

代表取締役 社長|長江 努 Tom Nagae

DIRECTIONS CO LTD. launched in 2004 with a focus on producing youth-oriented media content and has since expanded into educational content, corporate branding, animation production, and event design.

This expansion has been fueled by our appetite for learning, with a dash of creativity. I’ve found that these qualities are the master keys to entering and succeeding in just about any field.

However, having diverse enterprises within a single corporate entity made it hard to tell what the company was all about. So we decided to spin off the areas of expertise into separate companies.

Our origins are anchored in producing youth-oriented content. Time and time again, niche specialization has given us the momentum to expand our reach.

Furthermore, as entrepreneurs we take risks and learn through trial and error, failure included, which accelerates growth at levels that are unattainable by creativity alone. This is one of the things I’ve observed repeatedly over the past two decades.

Entrepreneurs who command both management and creativity are able to pioneer uncharted territory. The mission at DIRECTIONS Group lies precisely in cultivating more people with those capabilities.

代表取締役 社長|長江 努 Tom Nagae


長江 努

Founded Directions, Inc. in 2004 and Rights, Inc. in 2008. Throughout his career, he has developed and produced content that nurtures creativity for youth. His productions spanning video, media art and 2.5D performances have garnered numerous awards.